Veth Chaman

This is a kashmiri dish that I made along with rest of the kashmiri cuisine.It was from PurelyPedestrian.Thanks pp.Very authentic but needed some variations. -3Tb curd, 2cup milk,1 ts salt.Sauté the chillies on low heat till colour changes to darker shade, add curd room temp nicely whipped. Added 1cup hing water later &simmer till oil seprates. The gravy thickens when cooled.

The link to the recipe is purelypedestrian.It looked a lot more redder than the pic.I don’t know why the colour didn’t come out very well in the pic!!


Kashmiri Dum Aloo

The recipe is from vegrecipesofindia by dassana.Amazing recipe & very authentic.It tasted exact like kashmiri dum aloo.I always wanted to make kashmir meals esp. coz my hubby had spent a lot time in kashmir in childhood days &had a taste for kashmir food.So this I just ventured in.&I’m glad hubs liked it& told me it tasted exactly like kashmiri dun aloo.&I knew it he would be able to tell me the authenticity of the recipe.I’m glad I made this recipe. Here’s  link to the recipe kashmiri dum aloo. Thanks Dassana. 

I cooked it a little differently.Boiled potatoes 90% before frying.Add cloves first&saute before adding hing(pinch).Cook chilles till they change colour &turn off the heat.Let cool down to minimum then add curd (beat in mixi)stirring continously till mixed properly.then put it back on minimum heat,let boil &then add water stirring continuously add spices,keep stirring till it comes to a boil.then reduce heat to simmer &add potatoes &salt.Simmer as directed,the gravy thickens bit after cooling)500gm potatoes,Hing-pinch.It’s important to cook the way like I did coz else the curd has a high risk of getting churned.I served this with Naan & veth chaman paneer.Check out the next recipe.

Aloo Raita

I served this with peas pulao.Very simple &nice.The ingredients beside recipe r-2 medium size aloo,Salt-1/2 ts extra, garnished with extra spices &lots of chopped coriander.Coz one of hubs favorite is peas pulao so I made this raita a little special for him..

The recipe is from Saanjhachulla.A very simple yet flavourful recipe.The link to the recipe is-Aloo Raita. Thanks Nick.

Peas Pulao

The recipe is from flavoursofmumbai.A very simple yet most flavourful matar pulao.I find Marias recipes really very flavourful.Each recipe of hers even though if it looks simple it tastes so so so very flavourful.Trust me on this.&this i can say after trying so many recipes of hers..didn’t click pic earlier!!She’s very helpful with her recipes.I often ask her if I’m stuck somewhere &she’s always a sweet heart with her replies.Thanks a lot Maria for not only this recipe but actually for all the recipes I’ve bothered u..☺

The ingredients beside the recipe r-salt 2 1/2ts, coconut milk(I used Dabur homemade)-200ml rest water,didn’t soak the rice.Pressure cooked it 3 whistlies high&simmered 5min on low.Ghee is subtle not overpowering.I didnt wanted ghee to have a strong flavour in the recipe else the actual taste of the recipe doesn’t come out properly.So it was fine.The link to the recipe is peas-pulao. I’ve made a small video also coz the actual pic looked far more richer &better than the pic..

This still didnt do justice.actual colours didn’t come out properly… anyways..i served this with aloo raita.check out next recipe.